Art Deco Angel

I am absolutely entranced by this exquisite vintage brass Angel! Such a lovely face. She is fastened to a wonderful vintage brass Art Deco piece which I hand tinted using a variety of methods and layers of color. Hah, I just may keep it for me! (I can just hear my husband saying, “Is that anyway to run a business?!”) places hand over ears, not listening…

Art Deco Angel Necklace

Art Deco Angel Necklace This lovely angel is securely bolted with micro screws to a winged filigree scroll which is tinted by hand with a variety of paints and gilders paste. Love the varied hues! (It is 86mm x 55mm)



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2 Responses to Art Deco Angel

  1. Dianne says:

    Absolutely stunning! The design, colors, execution are exquisite!!


  2. paige says:

    I think you should keep her for yourself!!! That is a one of a kind piece, absolutely lovely:)


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