…….this Jewels of Endearment blog. Well really it’s a spot for a little of this, a dash of that and a smidgen of a bit more. Mostly, it’s a place to display some of my latest creations. But it’s also a place for photos, recipes, and miscellaneous rambles. Why? Well, just because I can! I reside in Morro Bay on the lovely California Central Coast and love to unveil the special beauty here. Fortunately my husband revels in the beauty here so you’ll get a peek at our small bit of Middle Earth through his photography. A few years back I began to make jewelry as a creative outlet after work. It was a way to destress from teaching all day and quickly became an obsession.  I couldn’t help it, I was hooked! Now I find inks and paints that come in such alluring colors, new gems that sparkle, and tools I have never used before that are begging me to try them. Yep, they’re all calling my name! So I happily make a mess, enthusiastically hammer and rivet, and wander around with paint stained hands. I apply vivid pigments to varied metals and indulge in the richness of semi-precious gemstones, luminous crystals and creamy pearls. In addition, I dabble in painting with watercolors and playing with mixed media. Each is a one of a kind and a part of my imagination. Enjoy!


  Nancy Sadja



New studio!

My workspace may be messy but to me, it’s my little bit of Lothlorien!



6 Responses to About

  1. iwsod says:

    Hoooorraaaaay!!!! I see Thuddy!!!! 🙂

    well done!!


  2. iwsod says:

    Hiya Nancy! This a fantastic idea!! A great outlet for your wonderful creativity.. I hope others will stop by with a similar passion for jewellery making..and good times!
    Hope you enjoy your blog!

    Hi Readers! Nancy stops by my blog and comments.. so I can vouch for her as a super, warm, funny person to correspond with in the blogosphere – I don’t doubt there will be good times here at Jewels of Endearment!!!! byeeeee and all the best!!


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