I Want a Wand – Accio Wand!

You heard me clearly, I want a magic wand ala Harry Potter, the sooner the better! I may be a bit late to the game but I have become completely enthralled by the Harry Potter series. Spellbound and bewitched! big grin Yes, I have become one of those fans, throughly wrapped up in the Harry Potter series, relating daily life to the hero’s journey. I admit it. I know, I “should” be reading something deep, meaningful, with thematic visions of love, friendship, good and evil, discrimination, and loyalty. Oh wait, I am! And in doing so I have discovered an entire world developed by a huge fan base around the series, full of music, videos, and activists who are moved by the series themes and are determined to find ways to give back and pay it forward. Just think of it, how many books make you want to go out and do something good for other people? This is one of them. There’s a network called The Harry Potter Alliance (http://thehpalliance.org) which does just that. Check it out. Just one of many ways to participate. Riddle TM, a lovely Wrock band who write extremely evocative music, explains it the in this song, Phoenix (lyrics at http://riddletmmusic.wordpress.com/lyrics/phoenix-lyrics/). And for those visual folks, heres a delightful video to go along with the words that an enthusiastic young lady put together with her friends:

Since I love music, wizard wrock groups have been a blast to explore! Some of the funniest, moving, and exceptional songs are out there, performed by many diverse folks.  If you have read the books, try 16 Years Ago and Draco’s Christmas Wish by Riddletm or More than Enough and Accio Love by Ministry of Magic. Oliver Boyd and the Rememberalls  are great, especially Open at the Close and End of an Era. Oh and for good measure, checkout The Butterbeer Experience, Let’s Lumos, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Gred and Forge, The Moaning Myrtles, and House of Black. Oh there are so many good bands it’s hard to pick just a few! Most have music you can listen to on Myspace or iTunes. Check ’em out!

Okay just one more video just because 🙂

This has been a total joy to discover and thoroughly immerse myself in. Give it a try!

Okay, this will have to serve as my magic wand for now :)

Okay, this will have to serve as my magic wand for now 🙂

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2 Responses to I Want a Wand – Accio Wand!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I have Draco’s wand, though I wish it really worked. Haha!


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