Star Goddess

Really, making a complete mess of my home shouldn’t be this much fun! I love this gorgeous vintage brass Art Nouveau Star Goddess set on a large filigree which I painted in burgundy and bronze patinas then shaped into a wearable form. Having spent hours figuring out the best way to securely fasten this lovely lady, I discovered tiny screws and bolts work well. She looks so serene and peaceful. Makes me want to go take a yoga class right now!     Namaste.

Star Goddess Cuff Bracelet

Star Goddess Bracelet This lovely one rests on a pierced filigree bracelet cuff which has been hand painted in burgundy and wine and highlighted with a bronze tint. A chain and clasp add a finishing touch.

Here’s a companion to keep her company 😉

Garnet Goddess Necklace

Garnet Goddess Necklace This special lady is layered onto two pieces of embellished and painted filigree. Garnets add a deep accent to the chain.


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2 Responses to Star Goddess

  1. paige says:

    beautiful as usual. You are so talented!


  2. Steve says:

    The Star Goddess bracelet is magnificent! I want the male counterpart for my arm…


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