Millions Missing 2020

When a vaccine is found for COVID-19 and life begins to return to normal, what will you do when untethered from your home? Return to work, visit friends and family, go to the movies, travel? Those of us with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis will remain sheltered in place. Not really a shelter but a cage, because little research and funding are allocated for treatments and a cure for ME. So many of us became ill with ME after a viral infection. COVID is a virus. What will be the long-term consequences for those who do recover from COVID but end up with long-term illnesses? Will they be part of the #MillionsMissing? “Coronavirus leading to more cases of ME will happen for sure, unfortunately,” said Dr. Alain Moreau of Université de Montréal, Montréal, Québec. “We need to be ready for the next wave.”

I am one of the #MillionsMissing and am part of the #MEAction community. Join us at

Still waiting to end my shelter in place. One of the #MillionsMissing

 May 12th is ME/CFS Awareness Day. You can learn more by checking out and

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6 Responses to Millions Missing 2020

  1. Hugo says:

    Dear Ms S, that’s how I know you and my immigrant parents taught me to revere and respect educators, so as much as I want to address you by your first name, I can’t.

    There’s so much to say, but I will keep it brief. It has been a while since you’ve posted and I wish you’d post again because I’ve learned a lot about ME through your writings. Second, it is no hyperbole to say you changed my life. You inspired a 4th grade kid from the inner-city to fantasize about outer space decades before it became en vogue to do so. You weathered my emotional roller coaster as I battled with my own physical limitations in your classroom. Moreover, physical limitations be damned, you led me to learn about adapted little league and you even went to a couple of my games when other educators would rather be sleeping on a Saturday morning (and with good reason).

    I haven’t accomplished all that I had hoped or some of the professional goals you inscribed in my composition book back in 1993.Yet, without you I never would have gone on to become the man I am today. Whatever the state of the world, I hope you stay tuned because I still have much more to do to make you proud.

    I love you Ms S.


    • jule says:

      It is so wonderful to hear from you, Hugo! I always think fondly of you and your lovely family. You taught me so much about inner strength and perseverance. One of the beauties of teaching is that you learn and grow along with your students. Please PM me in the contact section. I would love to hear m from you. Say hello to your folks for me!


  2. Jill Otero says:

    Hi Nancy!

    Don’t worry, be happy!🤪
    Love you!


  3. Lynn Sadja says:

    Hi Nancy, please take good care💗💗

    On Tue, May 12, 2020, 11:44 AM Jewels of Endearment wrote:

    > jule posted: “When a vaccine is found for COVID-19 and life begins to > return to normal, what will you do when untethered from your home? Return > to work, visit friends and family, go to the movies, travel? Those of us > with #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis will remain sheltered” >


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