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Star Goddess

Really, making a complete mess of my home shouldn’t be this much fun! I love this gorgeous vintage brass Art Nouveau Star Goddess set on a large filigree which I painted in burgundy and bronze patinas then shaped into a wearable form. Having spent hours figuring … Continue reading

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Embellished Romance

Having found another new technique to go crazy with, I am proceeding with careless abandonment and wielding my paintbrush and tools with recklessness. Beware, anyone who walks into the workroom better be prepared for flying bits of metal and paint! I have … Continue reading

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Chain Maille

So recently had a major need to up my game and do something new with my jewelry. Yep, short attention span here which means trying a variety of methods to add to the current madness. I settled on playing with chain … Continue reading

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Lovely to See You Again

I just went to a Moody Blues concert and am reveling in their wonderful music so y’all get to revel with me in their goodness! As they write on The Threshold of a Dream album: “Wonderful day for passing my … Continue reading

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“On the Threshold of a Dream”

“Take another sip my love And see what you will see A fleet of golden galleons On a crystal sea Are you sitting comfortably? Let Merlin cast his spell… Ride along the winds of time And see where we have … Continue reading

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