“On the Threshold of a Dream”

“Take another sip my love
And see what you will see
A fleet of golden galleons
On a crystal sea

Are you sitting comfortably?
Let Merlin cast his spell…

Ride along the winds of time
And see where we have been
The glorious age of Camelot
When Guinevere was Queen

It all unfolds before your eyes
As Merlin casts his spell…

The Seven Wonders of the World
He’ll lay before your feet
In far-off lands, on distant shores
So many friends to meet

Are you sitting comfortably?
Let Merlin cast his spell…”

Moody Blues (Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas)

Don’t know why but this piece puts me in mind of the Moody Blues album, “On the Threshold of a Dream.” I am very excited to be able to see them in concert at the end of October, so have been reveling in their 60s/70s albums while watching clouds drift by in a lovely Maxfield Parrish sky today. Such joy!

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