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Beauty in the Romance

For some reason, the brilliant summer sunlight, the vibrant hummingbirds in the yard, and the intensely blue skies with sunsets that defy the imagination all remind me strongly of Maxfield Parrish’s  romantic and dazzling artwork (click on the links to see his … Continue reading

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I really love exploring new ways to be creative and am completely enamored of these lovely faces!  Of course my workroom  now resembles World War III -utter chaos due to the growing amount of new tools, jewelry parts, and oh so … Continue reading

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“Why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door?…”

Yes, that was tease for you Moody Blues fans! So please enter new doorways with a few answers  😉 And since I am obviously a devoted Moody Blues fan, I thought I’d give y’all a Moodies break with “Question” : “Why … Continue reading

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Accio Magic Doors!

Hah, got your attention! Thought I was going to show you new jewels, and I am, but since I am knee deep in Harry Potter (how many of you just stopped reading this?…) I thought I’d pass along some impressive … Continue reading

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Through Doorways

Here we go through open doorways to new adventures! This is a new line of pendant necklaces. Each one reveals an inspirational thought. Here is a sneak peek:

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It’s the New Year and time for Chocolate Mousse!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2015 brings you all happiness and joy! To start off the new year properly, one needs chocolate and lots of it 😃 so here is my recipe for chocolate mousse.  Cheers! Chocolate Mousse Ingredients … Continue reading

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More chain maille variations….

Bracelets this time 🙂  

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Variations on a theme

It’s official, I have gone chain maille crazy! I love the effect of joining metal rings in a variety of ways to form interesting pieces. (Admittedly, it’s tough on the hands but I am ablsolutely compelled! Obsessed is probably a better word … Continue reading

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Jewels for the holidays!

Here they come! Can you hear the holidays rushing towards us? Wasn’t it just summer?! Well, to start the season off right, here are a few new pieces of jewelry to add a bit of sparkle to your life 🙂   … Continue reading

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New news!

Hi folks, I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that I am now selling my jewelry in a new venue, Studios in the Park in Paso Robles. Check it out, it’s full of intriguing and diverse art pieces plus plenty of … Continue reading

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Sapphire Day!

The sky recently has displayed so many rich and vivid shades of blues that I just borrowed  a few, mixed them with golds and bronze tints, and voila! Feast your eyes on these ladies:

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Angels and Maidens

Well, as far as I am concerned, you can never have too much color so I developed new variations for two of my favorite necklaces. Cheers!   Of course you need earring to go with all these new necklaces, but of … Continue reading

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Buttons Buttons Buttons!

I have an current obsession with Czech glass buttons! They are beautiful art pieces handmade by skilled glass artisans whose techniques have been perfected and handed down for generations. I can’t resist making them the centerpiece for more jewelry pieces … Continue reading

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Butterflies in Flight

We live in the path of the monarch butterfly migration and are lucky enough to see vast numbers of them on the coast of central California. Though we see lots of monarchs, there have been plenty of varied colored butterflies flitting about our garden … Continue reading

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Chocolate Lush Recipe

My husband’s birthday was this week and the only gift he wanted (besides his dream of owning a Tesla, LOL!) is Chocolate Lush for dessert. So in the spirit of the 4th of July, I declared independence from calories for … Continue reading

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