New Jewels

It’s been over a year since we began to remodel our house in order to install an elevator. We ended up putting in a bonus room which I immediately co-opted to be my studio. I’ve created a few pieces recently; it’s just so much fun to play with tools and paints and make a complete mess! Here’s a few new items:

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And here’s  a photo of my new studio (okay, our room…. I can share 😇):




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10 Responses to New Jewels

  1. Wow your jewellery is gorgeous!


  2. Lynn says:

    Beautiful and interesting jewelry!


  3. Tina Baugh says:

    You have truly created wearable art! I am floored at the art deco theme ….you’re attention to detail and beauty is inspiring.


  4. Dianne says:

    Wow! These are the most incredible yet! I hope to see some of these in the MBAA Gallery! They would definitely enhance our display!


  5. Marie says:

    Nice work! 😀


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