Winter Scenes

Yes, California is getting rain, lovely rain! The hills are a verdant green, the skies change daily from a vibrant blue to cozy up clouds and rain falling in crazy chaotic drops, with gusts of wind to liven things up. I thought I’d post a few pieces of hand painted jewelry with miniature winter scenes. Enjoy!

IMG_2231 (1)IMG_2234IMG_2236IMG_2238


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10 Responses to Winter Scenes

  1. Lisa L. Swanson says:

    Jule, I teared up so much when I saw your comment for me on The Bloggess’ Booksgiving post, then I was blown away to come here and see your amazing jewelry. You truly are a kindred soul & fantastic fellow Strangeling Tribe member. Words won’t do justice to my gratitude, but I thank you from places in my heart that I didn’t even remember existed! My intention is to Pay It Forward as the universe allows; thank you so much for your inspiration.


    • jule says:

      Lisa, You made me cry and smile this morning. Thank you! Kindred souls are lovely to find and Jenny brings us together with such kindness, humor and humanity. Please be well and hang in there with this Strangeling Tribe there as affirmation. Jule aka Nancy


  2. Dianne says:

    Beautiful works of wearable art!!

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  3. Marie Preach says:

    Lovely work! 😃

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