Angels and Maidens

Well, as far as I am concerned, you can never have too much color so I developed new variations for two of my favorite necklaces. Cheers!

Art Deco Angel Necklace in Blue

Art Deco Angel Necklace in Blue
This lovely angel is securely fastened with micro screws to a winged filigree scroll which is tinted by hand with a variety of paints and gilders paste. Love the varied hues!


Masthead Maiden Necklace in Burgundy

Masthead Maiden Necklace in Burgundy
Hand-tinted in burgundy, cherry and gold using paints and Gilders paste, this lovely maiden is ready to sail!

Of course you need earring to go with all these new necklaces, but of course not matchy-matchy (do you remember “What Not to Wear? 😉 ),  just an echo of the hues in the jewelry.

Earrings Aglow

Earrings Aglow


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4 Responses to Angels and Maidens

  1. Jamie Heinze says:

    These pieces are so beautiful!


  2. Marie Preach says:

    Great work!


  3. Dave says:

    The Art Deco necklace is fabulous! Brings style back to jewelry.


  4. DD says:

    Always creative and innovative! Cheers!


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