IMG_1139 - Version 2

“Dawn is a feeling 
A beautiful ceiling 
The smell of grass 
Just makes you pass 
Into a dream 
You’re here today 
No future fears 
This day will last 
A thousand years 
If you want it to” 

-Moody Blues

In the midst of painting this centerpiece for a necklace a hair brain idea came to mind. Yes, another one bubbles to the surface! I figured I’d try photographing it with a watercolor of mine. A kind of mixed media you might say. More like a mixed up media (LOL!) but thought it was interesting anyway. I painted this in one of my favorite places on earth, Joshua Tree National Park. And for some reason Joshua Tree and the Moody Blues always go hand in hand to me. Maybe because every time I’ve gone there I have the Moodies blasting away on the car stereo! You ever been there? Ah, must find photos as it’s totally surreal and beautiful. Ah hah! Here we go:

Where magic happens! Joshua Treee Nantional Park, California
Where magic happens! Joshua Treee Nantional Park, California
Dawn in Joshua Tree
Dawn in Joshua Tree
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2 Responses to Dawn

  1. Craig and Kathy Smith says:

    The “Artist” was so creative using Dawn, the piece of jewelry, and photographing it with one of her paintings. The true colors in the photos of Joshua Tree highlighted the painting, and gave the necklace a brilliance. The beauty of each masterpiece is striking and when she put them together she created a different avenue of appreciation. Just beautiful! (Had the Moody Blues seen it in the 70’s, they would have made it an “Album Cover” – remember how important those were?) 🙂


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